4 Strategies to Attract More Millennials for Your Business

Each generation comes with its own set of characteristics that greatly influence how they spend their time, their preferences, and how they make decisions. Thus, if you are going to hire millennials, it is important to have an understanding of their characteristics and design appropriate strategies to hire and retain them. Below are some strategies that can be helpful when it comes to attracting millennials for your business

Have a Clear Mission

Making money is not the only goal for many millennials who are hunting for jobs. Most of them want to work for companies that are making an impact in the world. Also, they want job roles that give them an opportunity to make an impact. Therefore, ensure that your company has a clear mission and make it known to everyone who has an interest in your business.

Stop Equating Frequent Job Change to Job Hopping

Most millennials change jobs frequently. The reason is that they are always on the hunt for better positions. Therefore, don’t dismiss all job applications from those who look like they have changed jobs many times. If the resume looks good, consider shortlisting them for interviews and hear more about their story. When making your selection, consider other factors such as the qualification, how well they fit into your company’s culture and mission, and their attitude towards work. Working with an HR staffing company can be helpful when it comes to identifying the right candidate for your needs.

Work on Your Online Presence and a Good Reputation

If you don’t have an online presence, many millennials may doubt if you really exist and this can cause them to overlook your job ads. Therefore, ensure you have a good online presence. Have a website, get on social media, and ensure you are listed on online directories. An online presence is not only good for your potential employees; it’s good for your customers too. In an era where most shopping is done online, you will miss out on a lot of sales if you don’t have an online presence.

Secondly, work on attracting positive reviews. Neither millennials nor non-millennials would delight in working for a company that doesn’t treat its customers well. Work on the quality of your products or services and your customer service, and make it easy for people to leave reviews online after shopping with you.

Flexible Work Schedules and Remote Working

If it’s possible, consider introducing flexible work schedules and remote working in your business. These two will give millennials the freedom they love and value so much. However, you should only do this if it won’t hurt how you run your company.

When a millennial finally sends a job application and you call them in for an interview, remember they will be interviewing you too. As stated above, money isn’t their only goal; they want to be sure they are getting a job with a purpose. Therefore, answer any questions they may have comprehensively and don’t hesitate to show them around and introduce them to your company.


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