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After Mitt Romney’s Bain Capital announced their jobs would be outsourced, they made workers at Sensata Tech in Illinois train their Chinese replacements and take down the American flag when they arrived. Watch our new television and online ad running in Ohio, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania:

If you’re on Wisconsin, there’s a good chance you’ve seen our most recent online advertising campaign highlighting Tammy Baldwin’s record fighting for good paying jobs in Wisconsin. Maybe you’re here because you just clicked on one of ads… Read More

From day one, Workers’ Voice has promised to empower supporters in a way never tried before by any large political campaign or organization. That moment is here, and with the launch of our new tool, “RePurpose,” politics will never be the same. Join RePurpose

Despite the billions already spent in advertising, there’s still one messenger more powerful than any thirty second television spot paid for by Mitt Romney, Karl Rove, and the Koch Brothers: You. More specifically, you talking to family, friends, and neighbors about the important choices we face in this November’s elections. At Workers’ Voice, we’re proud… Read more »

Welcome to the new website. We hope you like the change in design, look, and feel. But more than that, there should be a number of additional ways for you to take action and learn what we’re up to.