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Fact: While running the 2002 Olympic Games, Mitt Romney steered millions of dollars in Olympic contracts to Bain Capital subsidiaries that he owned, including Sealy Mattress, Domino’s Pizza, and Marriott Hotels.

Fact: Romney offered Office Depot a contract buy-out and a $1 million payoff so that he could give their Olympic contract to Staples, a Bain-owned company.

Fact: Romney took his Olympic profits and hid them overseas in the Cayman Islands and Swiss bank accounts to avoid paying taxes on them. He won’t even release his records from running the 2002 Olympics to show us exactly how much he made off the Games.

Fact: Mitt Romney asked a Wells Fargo and Co. executive to serve as the Mayor of Olympic Village.

Starting today and running through the end of the Olympics, we’re running an set of online ads targeting voters in swing states sharing the news of what really went down during Mitt’s Olympics. Take a look below.