Your Guide to SEO

SEO. You hear about it all the time, enough to know that it’s an essential digital tool that stands for Search Engine Optimization. Terms like “organic rankings”, “algorithms” and “domain authority” are thrown around, but what does it all really mean for you and your business? We could easily go on and on about SEO but we’ll spare you the details and keep this short, sweet and to the point. Because who has time to scroll through pages and pages of content? That’s what SEO is for! WHAT Read more [...]

Fighting the threat of cybercrime: Your country needs you!

  The UK’s technology experts have issued a word of warning to industry leaders regarding the current lack of cybersecurity skills, estimating that it’ll take a further 20 years to address the current skills gap. And that’s only if we act now.   In response to this war cry, the Open University has announced details of a new government-backed course that aims to inspire 200,000 young people to bridge this gap and start a career in cybersecurity.   The course, which Read more [...]