Direct Marketing: Why You Should Use Promotional Gifts to Promote Your Business

What are promotional gifts? They are gifts that companies give to customers or potential customers. This allows customers to test or learn more about the product and can result in getting more customers or sales. They are also gifts that companies give to their customers as part of a loyalty strategy. Customers perceive the company cares about them if they receive a gift, even if it is a small one. So, they feel more loyal towards the company and brand.

Promotional merchandise or gifts are a very powerful promotional tool. They typically consist of items with the name of the brand on them. A promotional gift is a low-cost item for the company, but ideally with high utility for the person who receives it. It can also be quirky or fun to help generate buzz regarding the brand.

Examples of successful promotional gifts can be brand products, new products, free samples, travel, life insurance, free hotels, pens, calendars, key rings, and magnets, etc.

It is important to bear in mind that promotional gifts must be useful, attractive, and provide an added value to the person who receives them. They must be related to what is promoted. And of course, they must be original and exclusive. They must make the person who receives them want to have them and value the gift. All this can be achieved with low cost.

Who should you give promotional gifts to?

  • Sales intermediaries (for large companies that use them)

  • Professionals, to enhance the brand (doctors, pharmacists, architects)

  • Famous people, opinion leaders and influencers (blog owners, athletes, celebrities, experts)

  • Current customers (for customer loyalty)

  • Potential customers (so they know the brand and can become customers)

There are several well-established marketing strategies using promotional gifts, for example:

  • Give a calendar or Christmas gift to current customers

  • Give a Christmas basket to intermediaries

  • Give an important product to famous people (a brand dress, a brand car, etc.)

  • Give free samples of new products to potential customers and influencers

  • Give gifts for purchases: the 10,000th customer, buy 1 get 1 free, etc.

Promotional gifts can have several uses according to the objective of the company. They can be low cost (relatively) according to the objective of giving the gift. But they all have the same objective: publicising the brand, attracting more customers or keeping existing ones.

Marketing with promotional gifts is a very effective strategy. You need to invest some time and resources to get it right. But the results that most companies get from using such a strategy are good in both the short and long-term. You should not overlook using promotional gifts to promote your business, drive more sales from existing customers, attract new customers, and to just thank loyal customers for their continued support. The effort is well worth the payback!

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