Informatics Careers Furnish Opportunities for Nurses

For those interested in improving their yearly salary and obtaining job security, pursuing a career in nursing informatics is a wise choice. Studies have shown that the lifetime earnings among college graduates are nearly double that of high school graduates. For those who pursue their doctorate, lifetime earnings are even greater. When considering the financial advantages of education and its role in the workplace, pursuing a nursing informatics degree is a practical choice that will offer many benefits throughout your career.


Educating Your Children About Financial Responsibility

Education is important for all ages and can greatly influence the financial prospects of citizens. Educating youth in fiscal responsibility is key to ensuring they grow to be financially capable adults. Oddly, a survey showed that roughly 30 percent of parents are less inclined to discuss finances with their children than sex. However, teaching kids about money is integral to ensuring their sensible frugality as adults. As parents, you should seize every moment, and use it as a learning opportunity. When shopping with your kids, engage them in the process by teaching them about budgeting, price comparisons, and credit card usage.

The Financial Advantages of Advanced Education

While many ponder whether attending college is a wise investment, research invariably shows that financial success is increased among those with a higher education. College graduates between the ages of 25 and 32 experience just 3.8 percent unemployment, well below the national average of 5.9 percent. Additionally, average lifetime earnings for a high school graduate are around $1.3 million, compared to $2.3 million for those with bachelor’s degrees and $3.3 million for those with doctorates. For nursing informatics specialists, a bachelor’s degree is all that’s necessary. However, research suggests that job prospects increase among those with a master’s degree in the field.

Benefits of a Career as a Nursing Informatics Specialist

Nursing is a prevalent career choice, employing nearly 2.7 million people throughout the United States. Nursing is constantly in high demand, making it an intelligent career decision for those looking for stable employment. Given we live in a technological era, it has become federally mandated that all medical records be meticulously retained in digital format. As such, a new facet of nursing has emerged, referred to as nursing informatics.

While the job ranges in duties, it primarily consists of integrating data and information to help facilitate the decisions and procedures of patients and medical facilities. It’s critical to the functioning of doctor’s offices and hospitals because it helps to promote the highest level of customized care possible for the patient. Due to being central to the operation of healthcare facilities, nursing informatics specialists experience exceptional career stability, with a variety of positions at their disposal.

As a nursing informatics specialist, you can expect an excellent salary as well, with the median being around $88,000 per year. Additionally, nurses receive great benefits, including healthcare and dental coverage at a minimum, with other benefits available, depending on the job. Jobs in nursing informatics offer huge potential for career advancement, allowing you to steadily improve your income over time. Not only is nursing a noble and fulfilling pursuit, but it also provides a lifetime of career stability, benefits, and career advancement potential.



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