Why Fiberglass Door Companies Are Thriving Today

The development of fiberglass was a revolutionary step in manufacturing because of the many inherent benefits and strengths of this material. It can be used for so many things, from an above ground conduit system for energy companies to various water-related items like water slides and boats. Now the material is so ubiquitous that they’ve become a popular choice for home entry doors. In fact, it’s probably the most popular type of replacement door for homeowners. It’s not hard to see why when Read more [...]

Frequently Asked Questions About Lone Worker Safety

Some jobs require employees to work alone and this increases the risk of accidents and injuries. And this underscores the importance of lone worker safety. Unfortunately, not everyone fully understands the concept of lone worker safety. This explains why some employers have not taken steps to protect employees who work alone. It even keeps employees from taking the ample measures to protect themselves. So to help you better understand what lone worker security is all about, here are the answers Read more [...]

Your Guide to SEO

SEO. You hear about it all the time, enough to know that it’s an essential digital tool that stands for Search Engine Optimization. Terms like “organic rankings”, “algorithms” and “domain authority” are thrown around, but what does it all really mean for you and your business? We could easily go on and on about SEO but we’ll spare you the details and keep this short, sweet and to the point. Because who has time to scroll through pages and pages of content? That’s what SEO is for! WHAT Read more [...]

Can Social Media Negatively Impact Your Career?

If you are on social media then chances are your employer has looked you up on more than one occasion. This may be to check up on your before hiring or simply as a way to monitor your professionalism whilst working for the company. But, can this level of exposure from your social media have an effect on your career? The simple answer: yes, social media can have a negative impact on your career. Here are a few examples of why: Public Complaining Complaining about your boss on Facebook is probably Read more [...]

Possible Sources of Workplace Injury You Need to Know About

There are jobs that are considered high-risk. When you are in industries like construction or mining, the chances of getting injuries while working are higher compared with other industries. It does not mean though that you can no longer get injured when working in a regular office. There is still a chance for injuries to take place. Here are some of the injuries that merit compensation claims. Violent acts Being physically attacked by your co-worker or boss because of political differences and Read more [...]

Choosing the Best Digital Displays and Wall Mounts for Business

Business today can’t live without the wonders of technology, especially in the advertising industry where the best ads draw the most customers. The more customers you draw the more profit there is for you or for the company. Currently, the best ways to advertise is through the use of digital ads. Digital advertisements are the now and the future of advertising. There are no more bland static images. You can create a small video with a catchy jingle and you got yourself an ad. But that’s not Read more [...]

Direct Marketing: Why You Should Use Promotional Gifts to Promote Your Business

What are promotional gifts? They are gifts that companies give to customers or potential customers. This allows customers to test or learn more about the product and can result in getting more customers or sales. They are also gifts that companies give to their customers as part of a loyalty strategy. Customers perceive the company cares about them if they receive a gift, even if it is a small one. So, they feel more loyal towards the company and brand. Promotional merchandise or gifts are a very Read more [...]

Why it’s important for your business to focus on marketing in 2016

Marketing has and always will be an important part of business, but as the economy improves and companies start trying to claw back the revenue they’ve lost over the years, 2016 could be the perfect time to review your marketing practices and make this a profitable period. There are many strategies to consider, whether it’s leaflet printing from Helloprint, or developing your website, but here’s why it’s important to have a marketing focus. Marketing is constantly evolving When Read more [...]

How Thousands of Small Businesses Aren’t Claiming PPI

There are thousands of businesses that are owed payment protection insurance (PPI) compensation and don't even know it. When starting out, many business owners take out loans to ensure they can quickly create their company and start turning a profit. As a precaution, many signed up for loan insurance, unaware they were being mis-sold PPI. It is essential that small businesses make a PPI claim as soon as possible, as individuals and companies will only have until Spring 2018 to do so. Payment Protection Read more [...]

Champions League Soccer Is Big Business

2013's Union of European Football Associations Champions League (commonly called the UEFA Champions League) final saw two German teams -- Borussia Dortmund and Bayern Munich -- compete at London's Wembley Stadium in front of millions of viewers. In soccer, it was one of the biggest and most-anticipated events of the year. In fact, it was also one of the biggest revenue generators -- besides the World Cup, the final match of the UEFA Champions League is one of if not the most-watched spectacles in Read more [...]