Possible Sources of Workplace Injury You Need to Know About

There are jobs that are considered high-risk. When you are in industries like construction or mining, the chances of getting injuries while working are higher compared with other industries. It does not mean though that you can no longer get injured when working in a regular office. There is still a chance for injuries to take place. Here are some of the injuries that merit compensation claims.

Violent acts

Being physically attacked by your co-worker or boss because of political differences and other work-related issues can cause serious injuries. It can spark any time especially if the other party has anger management issues. It does not happen all the time, but the possibility is always there.

Repetitive motion injuries

This is something that you don’t notice until years later. When you are too comfortable with your job, you already have a routine. It is a good thing to have a routine, but it can also strain the muscles and cause back pain. If you keep doing the same thing each day, you might even end up with vision issues and carpal tunnel syndrome. People who sit more than half the time at work are also prone to this kind of problem.

Machine-related accidents

Factory workers are among the most common victims of accidents. As they deal with delicate technology all the time, accidents could happen. Their clothing or body parts might get stuck when using the equipment and it could cause serious injuries, and some are even permanent.

Vehicular accidents

There are jobs that require constant travelling. Sometimes, people end up in a vehicular accident that leads to fatal injuries.

Injuries from falling objects and other sharp objects

This is most common in a normal workplace. You just walk along the hallway and you suddenly step on a sharp nail or slip on a banana peel. It is also possible that you open a cabinet that has not been opened for a long time and all the files end up hitting your head. Anything can happen at work and some injuries could have permanent damage.

In essence, some of these injuries were not directly due to the negligence of the employer. However, they took place during office hours. As such, you are technically under their responsibility. The company should at least help you by covering the medical costs. They should also allow you to take sick leave without salary deduction until you are ready to head back to work.

On the other hand, if the injury was caused mostly by negligence on the part of the employer and you can prove it, don’t hesitate to file a work injury claim. You can check out the process involved in work injury claims in Gloucester and you will know what needs to be done to get the help you deserve.

The same thing is true if you enter a hair salon and suffer hair damage. You can ask for hairdresser compensation. There are legal experts who will help you in this undertaking.

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