Employment Issues 101: Everything You Need to Know

There are many issues within employment law that many SME’s are unaware of. While many industry experts are gurus within their chosen field, they are not too au fait with matters of employment law. Of course, these issues are difficult to tackle. What is more, employment law is ever changing. Issues surrounding employees, their rights and workplace policies seem ever prevalent. This is due to the sheer lack of understanding of employment law and issues.   Understanding the Basics   In Read more [...]

The Dog Ate My Invoice” & 8 More Awful Late Payment Excuses

If you're a small to medium sized company (SME) and have been in business over the past 5 years, I'm willing to bet that you've probably heard it all when it comes to excuses for late payment from your clients. The figure for debts owed to SMEs seems to grow month on month. In July 2014, the debt burden on small businesses is reported to have hit the £40 bn mark, rising from its previous £37 billion peak in 2012. In such a sticky (not to mention financially precarious) situation, there's very Read more [...]