The ultimate personal touch – DIY Mixbook wedding invitation cards

You have your wedding all planned out and you have appointed a graphic designer to make you your wedding invitation cards. You finally get them and you are so underwhelmed, you are starting to wonder whether you really want to have a wedding at all… Such is a common story among couples, so why not get yourself your own Mixbook wedding invitation cards from our site?


Ready and Creative templates

Mixbook wedding invitation cards come in wide varieties and because we need that personal touch from you, you can totally design the card. You do not need even the basic design skills to make your own personal, customized DIY invitation card, so if you are one of those people who would rather die than play with words and images, do not run to the hills yet. There are so many ready templates to choose from, ready for use. All you need to do is tweak them a little bit, add your preferred colors and your preferred layouts. The editing is not hard to go about either, the instructions are very straight forward.


Picture Invitation Cards

You get to pick a picture for your invitation card too! Gone are the days when invitation cards used to come in a few blocks of texts. The invitation cards allow you to use a picture of your choice, an addition which your invitees will appreciate. You can use that one picture you loved from your vacation, or one of your engagement pictures, or one from your high school days. Pictures do speak a thousand words, and in this case, that one picture in your invitation card will tell your entire love story. More so, the picture wedding invitation cards will be treasured, it will be a gift your invitees will be all too happy to keep.


Something to Bond Over…

There are definitely many options for mass-produced invitation cards, but DIY cards are a display of effort and love. They show that you are ready to go that extra mile. Plus the process of designing a template and customizing the effects can be an enjoyable one for a couple. What a better way to bond than to edit your own invitation cards together with your partner! Planning a wedding is tedious at its best. Finding something to bond over like putting your wedding card together and choosing a picture to go with it is sure a welcome escape from the inevitable stress of impending nuptials.


Competitive Customer Care Services

If you are having trouble finding the right design or have any inquiries whatsoever, our customer service team will be all too happy to assist you. You can call and contact us with as many questions as you wish, we expect them and love answering them. We love the challenge of helping a couple get that one template that works for both of them and making suggestions on how to bring their vision to fruition. Once the design is complete, you can comfortably leave the rest to us. We will handle the printing with such professionalism and we have built a fine reputation of delivering the invitation cards long before the deadline.

Above all, our prices are affordable. At such affordable prices, you get to feature a cute picture of the two of you, get to cut the design to your tastes and also get the cards professionally done and delivered in time. Have fun with Mixbook wedding invitation cards!


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