What Niche Should You Consider When Dropshipping?

Although many online businessmen are attracted to dropshipping because it has a low barrier to entry, they often do not do well in the industry. This is because they just jump on to whatever market trend is popular, and do not consider the long-term success of their dropshipping venture. For example, if you were starting a dropshipping business in 2017, you may have been enticed to start a dropshipping store around fidget spinners; after all, they were extremely popular only two years ago. However, that would have been a big mistake, as fidget spinners are currently out of fashion. Naming the ecommerce store of a dropshipping business something like fidgetspinnersonline.com would not be sustainable today. That being said, you always want to make sure that whatever niche you enter as a dropshipper is one that you can reap the benefits of for years to come. With that in mind, here is how you should choose your niche when getting started in dropshipping.

Lok at Google Trends


When choosing your niche, Google Trends is a good place to start. Although you are generally looking at trending topics with this tool, you can also look at product categories as well. To do so, all you have to do is type in a category into the ‘Explore Topics’ bar. Once you type this in, you can view long-term trending data on this topic. For example, if you are looking to break into a specific area of men’s fashion, you could this broad category into Google Trends and see what the volume is for particular products. You may want to focus on men’s athleisure, for example, and this will give you a good sense of how popular of a product that is.

Turn Google Trends Data into Keyword Research


The best way to use this information is to explore related search terms and see if any of these are relevant to the products you are intending on selling.  If so, you should perform some keyword research and see if you can find any informational variants of these keywords. Going back to the example of men’s athleisure, you may find that the keyword ‘what is athleisure?’ is available for you. If this keyword has a relatively low difficulty and is informational in nature, you should see if you can write some content that would help to answer this search query. If you can find multiple informational queries like this, then you can use a blog on your ecommerce site to target these.

While this is just an overview of how to choose a niche for dropshipping, you should keep these tips in mind when evaluating the industry you want to target. You’ll also want to keep in mind your actual interests and preferences; there’s no way you’re going to maintain interest in running a dropshipping business that is diametrically opposed to what you enjoy. That being said, dropshipping is all about figuring out the long-term forecasting of trends, and not just jumping on the trend itself. If you keep this in mind, then you’ll likely have success picking a dropshipping niche that will give you value for years to come.

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