Why Do Companies Fail At Exhibition Events?

With all the new age marketing techniques around today, exhibition stands get a bad press. Anything that is not digital nowadays isn’t worth having, and apparently do not work as effectively. That is a myth and one you should bear in mind. Trade shows are a potent form of marketing and can be used effectively with all strategies. The main problem is people don’t understand how to exploit them and fail. To make sure that doesn’t happen to you, follow these tips.

1. Go to the right Exhibition

Sounds obvious, doesn’t it? Still, it is remarkable how many companies sign up to trade shows just because their competitors are there. That isn’t a strategy because you are just reacting to the competition. You need to be proactive and pick the correct event. You have more chance of cultivating leads and interest in your product that you can turn into a client.

2. Show Customers what they want

The customers probably haven’t come to see you. In fact, the odds are they have never heard of you, which is why you need to impress. Don’t go generic in the hope that someone will notice; refine your strategy and make it relevant to the customers. Only then will someone take notice and part with their cash.

3. Get Leads

Sales are brilliant if you can get them, but trade shows aren’t where the transactions happen. If customers go with the mindset of just looking, you will have to do something amazing to change their mind. Concentrate on capturing leads that you can follow up on at a later date. Leads are people who are interested, but who don’t want to be pestered. Too many people put potential clients off by not giving them enough space.

4. Follow the Leads

Getting the leads is only half the job; you have to follow up on them after the event. What’s the point of going in the first place if you are hoping clients come to you with open arms? You might as well stay at home. If you don’t follow the leads, you are not going to win any business.

5. Build the Right Stand

Your stand represents you, so it has to give off a great first impression which is why you should take a look at websites like www.finessegroup.com/. These companies build and design stands that look fabulous and impress audiences at events. Do not underestimate the power of looking good, especially at an exhibition event.

6. Have a Clear Objective

Don’t get your objective muddled up with another. In fact, make sure that your objective is crystal clear before you even consider setting up shop. If you don’t, it will reflect in your pitch to clients and the odds are you won’t generate any leads. But, more importantly, it can give you a kick up the backside to succeed. If you have a certain amount of leads in mind to break even financially, you can make sure you match it or exceed the number.

7. Look Welcoming

Body language is not a myth. If you look friendly and welcoming, customers will be more inclined to talk to you. Once you break the ice, you can start the charm offensive.

Digital marketing is a tool that every business should exploit. But, sometimes the old school methods can be just as effective. As long as you know what you are doing.

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