Why it’s important for your business to focus on marketing in 2016

Marketing has and always will be an important part of business, but as the economy improves and companies start trying to claw back the revenue they’ve lost over the years, 2016 could be the perfect time to review your marketing practices and make this a profitable period. There are many strategies to consider, whether it’s leaflet printing from Helloprint, or developing your website, but here’s why it’s important to have a marketing focus.

  1. Marketing is constantly evolving

When it comes to spreading the word about what you do, there’s no time to put your feet up and relax. Marketing is constantly evolving and if you take your eye off the ball, you could find yourself completely behind on the best digital marketing trends.

Take social media, for instance. A few years ago, the free marketing buzz created by sites like Facebook and Twitter was enough to excite entrepreneurs dedicated to getting as many shares, likes, comments and retweets as possible. These days, however, while social platforms are still excellent for brand awareness and customer engagement, the focus has shifted back to Return of Investment (ROI).

Landing pages which convert and email lists which allow you to gather client information and control customer contact are back to being extremely important, with social media campaigns now needing a more ROI-focussed purpose.

  1. Microbusinesses are booming

As the economy struggled and once-successful employees were laid off – or simply weren’t making enough money to survive with one job – many individuals decided to start something themselves. This, in turn, led to a microbusiness boom with many start-ups launching online only making the competition for smaller internet-based businesses even tougher. So, if you do the majority of your trading online or are simply aware of how important the internet is in reaching a global market, it’s surely time to turn your attention to digital marketing ensuring your part of the web is as good as possible – but what can you do?

Well, firstly there’s Search Engine Optimisation, more commonly referred to as SEO. This should be at the forefront of your mind with relevant keywords ringing through your ears and finding themselves weaved throughout your web copy. Search engines like Google rely on keywords among other factors to help present the most relevant web pages to a user, so it’s important to improve your site’s SEO.

  1. People need to hear about you

Just because others may be doing something similar to you, doesn’t mean you don’t deserve a place in the market. Consumers are always looking for brands that can offer a reliable service, so if you’ve got everything set up to treat your clients like gold – people need to hear about you! Advertise locally through the help of offline channels like newspapers and magazines, but also use platforms such as Google Places to put your name on the map locally. Flyer distribution works well for start-ups and you could also attend tradeshows and other networking events that are relevant to your line of work. Often in business it’s not what you know but who you know, so it’s always worth spending time developing professional contacts both face-to-face or virtually via sites like LinkedIn.

Marketing is the key to your company’s success, so make 2016 count by making sure your strategies are on point.

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