Your Guide to SEO

SEO. You hear about it all the time, enough to know that it’s an essential digital tool that stands for Search Engine Optimization. Terms like “organic rankings”, “algorithms” and “domain authority” are thrown around, but what does it all really mean for you and your business? We could easily go on and on about SEO but we’ll spare you the details and keep this short, sweet and to the point. Because who has time to scroll through pages and pages of content? That’s what SEO is for!


SEO is a discipline used to organically push your website to the top of search engine results. To get a clearer picture, do you ever notice the links that come up in search results that say “AD” next to them? Those are paid ads and have nothing to do with SEO. Forget about those for now. The links that fall below the paid ads are what we’re focusing on. Play your cards right and your site will receive more traffic, conversions and credibility.


The SEO space is always changing so we’ll spare you the chaos. The main objective for a search engine, like Google, is to return the most relevant websites when a user submits a search. There are a couple steps to take in order for Google to trust you.

There are many puzzle pieces that have to fall into place in order to increase your rankings. One of those being your mobile site. Google heavily factors this into their algorithm. If your site is not mobile friendly, it will be an uphill battle trying to push your way to the top (no pun intended).

You might also hear that your site content must be optimized for SEO. Google is picky about what it wants to see on your site. Even your URL needs to be optimized. It must recognize that the content on your site matches the keywords that people are searching and that users are actually interacting with your site. This does not mean dumping a bunch of relevant keywords on your site and hoping for the best. Google has wised-up since then.

Google also likes fresh and relevant content. It may seem unnecessary but new content is key, along with consistency. Google takes into account the amount of site visits and interactions your site gets. New content will help draw more people to your site which will give you search engine brownie points.

Now, the real secret sauce of SEO are backlinks. This is where things get a bit confusing but essentially, they are links that you place on other sites that lead to your site. These are typically in the form of blog posts that are posted to sites that are a tier higher than yours. The goal is to climb your way up other sites so that you can increase your rankings over time. But be careful, because they must only be posted on good quality sites. If you post on a site that only posts these types of links, Google will penalize you.

IVIO Agency

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Overall, SEO just sounds like a messy relationship. Buy fresh flowers, try out a new restaurant once a week, say all the right things and be adored by their parents. But the moment you slip up ever so slightly, you’re sleeping on the couch. So, don’t go it alone. Let the experts at a Phoenix digital agency like Ivio help you with your SEO. As for your relationships, well, you’re on your own!

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